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Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

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Transform the overall look and feel of any interior space with the selection of premier Magnolia home paints at Ace Hardware. Available in over 150 hues, each Magnolia paint color has been personally hand-selected by Joanna Gaines. Shop today to find the perfect shade to refresh your home. 

About the Joanna Gaines Paint Line 

Developed with the goal of making the paint selection process less overwhelming and intimidating, Magnolia home paints are: 

  • Incredibly durable and easy to clean 
  • Dirt, grime and mildew-resistant 
  • Stain-blocking 
  • Low VOC 

Each color in the Joanna Gaines paint line features fast-drying Kilz technology that works to block and seal stains and odors. With the paint-and-primer-in-one design of Kilz Magnolia paints, any color you choose is ready to brush, roll or spray the moment you open the can. 

Understanding the Different Magnolia Home Paint Sheens 

Besides picking a color that suits your taste, there are other factors to consider when purchasing Joanna Gaines paint for your home. Magnolia home paints are available in three different sheens: 


With a soft, almost powdery quality, a matte sheen offers a flat finish with virtually no shine. If your goal is to hide imperfections on your walls and cover a room quickly, a matte sheen is an economical choice for covering larger spaces because the paint has more pigment.  


If you’re looking to achieve a warm, soft look on a wall, an eggshell sheen is a practical choice. Ideal for dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms and living rooms, an eggshell sheen offers an elegant and smooth finish. 


A suitable choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms, a satin sheen is slightly more durable and easier to clean. Satin sheens offer a minor glow on walls but don’t hide imperfections quite as well as matte and eggshell finishes. 

Tips for Choosing Magnolia Paint Colors for Your Home 

The easiest way to choose Magnolia paint colors for your home is to start with the colors you already love. For example, draw inspiration from upholstered furniture, artwork or rugs, and hone in on the colors that grab your attention most. Using your favorite colors as a base, design a color scheme for your entire home that maintains a cohesive sense of style.  

If you prefer simple neutral wall colors, look to the white and beige tones in patterns you already see in the room. Just because you opt for neutral paint colors doesn’t necessarily mean that your overall look has to be too laid back or subtle. Rev up your neutral color palette by getting creative about how you apply the colors. A striped wall in neutral colors adds a relaxing, elegant vibe. The combination of neutral wall colors and a soft pastel ceiling offers a unique way to add visual interest without sacrificing the soothing aesthetic of the space. 

Where to Buy Magnolia Paint 

Designed with relaxed and simple style, the Joanna Gaines paint line includes both modern and timeless shades to seamlessly blend with all style preferences. Shop here or the full collection online at Ace to find the perfect shade and sheen for your interior spaces.